Words Rise Up

Songs and Stories of the Netsilik Eskimos

This record contains myths, legends, poems, and stories of the Netsilik Eskimos. These are part of the EDC elementary social studies curriculum, Man: a Course of Study.
Man is moved like an ice floe drifting on the sea. When he feels joy or fear or sorrow, thoughts wash over him like waves. Sometimes he remains frozen up inside, and he is afraid to use words. But sometimes it happens that the words we want rise up by themselves - and we get a new song.


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Songs My Mother Taught Me
Things In The Sky
Thunder And Lightning
Magic Words For Hunting Caribou
Lazy Eskimo
Orpingalik Taunts His Rival
Orpingalik's Song
Lazy Tunrit
Travel Song
Magic Words For Hunting Seal
A Lesson In Sharing
Grandma Takes A Foster Child
A Peek Into An Owl's House
Old Woman Who Turned To Stone
The Raven And The Gull
The Invisible Men
Stories Of Beginning Times
An Old Woman In A Storm
The Birth Of A Hunter
The Story Of Nuliajuk
Eskimo Singing Kringarok, the oldest child of Ugak, plays and sings with her little son Naluitok. This was recorded by the EDC film crew at the camp on the Pelly Bay ice in the winter 1965.