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Vol. 1

Jack Anguoe, Jackie Anguoe, Jim Anguoe, Millard Clark, Larry Cozad, Herb Adson, Claudina Snake, Mary Ann Anguoe, Anita Anguoe George, Molly Ann McKinley.
Dedicated to the late Gus McDonald, Ponca tribe First World Champion Fancy War Dancer.
These are songs, many of which belong in the Annual Osage War Dances, the annual Ponca Pow-Wow, and Ponca Heluska. These are not "trick songs" as commonly called by tribes who are unfamiliar with them.
The Poncas, who have been singing for the Osages for several generations, say that many of these songs are so old that the origin has been lost.
--Jack Anguoe (Lead Singer)

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