The First Americans

Art & Man

Published by Scholastic under the direction of the National Gallery of Art

Side 1:
Bands 1-7 selected from the Folkways Records Ethnic Library; bands 4, 6, and 8 recorded by Laura Boulton; band 8 courtesy Laura Boulton. Used by permission.
Side 2:
Band 1 courtesy Folkways Records. Used by permission.

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Onondaga (Iroquois) Scalp Dance Onondaga
Sioux Flute Solo Sioux
Kiowa Gourd Society Victory Dance Kiowa
Navajo Night Chant Navajo
Zuni Lullaby Zuni
Hopi Mudhead Kachina Dance Hopi
Cree Lament Cree
Haida Love Song Haida
As Long As The Grass Shall Grow Peter LaFarge
Interview With Students At The Institute Of American Indian Arts Stories