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Torrey, Yates Co., NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beard Charles King  1860Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52709
2 Beard Flora  14 Feb 1856Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52728
3 Beard James Navarre  31 Jan 1893Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52710
4 Brown Bethiah  31 Aug 1835Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52736
5 Brown Emily S.  09 Dec 1836Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52729
6 Brown Julia Ann  14 Jan 1854Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52846
7 Brown Sarah Ann  1833Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52718
8 Brown II Erasmus Darwin  15 Dec 1855Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53008
9 Townsend Albert  24 Nov 1857Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53642
10 Townsend Anna F.  Apr 1861Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53257
11 Townsend Catherine C.  1849Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53566
12 Townsend Charles Elmira  09 Apr 1848Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53328
13 Townsend Frances M.  09 Mar 1843Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53631
14 Townsend Hannah Louise  1844Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53776
15 Townsend Ida R.  20 Apr 1851Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53605
16 Townsend Mary H.  Abt 1840Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53672
17 Townsend Uriah  Abt 1858Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53253
18 Townsend William Henry  30 Aug 1854Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Annable Eunice Mary  24 Mar 1874Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53001
2 Beard Flora  16 Sep 1877Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52728
3 Beard Henry H.  26 Feb 1898Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52738
4 Brown Bethiah  01 Sep 1839Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52736
5 Brown Dorcas  26 Oct 1834Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52752
6 Brown Emily S.  15 Sep 1839Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52729
7 Brown John Henry  15 Sep 1873Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53002
8 Brown Sarah Ann  04 Mar 1898Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52718
9 Brown Wright S.  28 Jun 1874Torrey, Yates Co., NY I52708
10 Buckley Russell  1910Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53471
11 Castner Adam  17 Apr 1858Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53531
12 Castner Catherine Naomi  08 Apr 1901Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53637
13 INGRAHAM Eleazer  1834Torrey, Yates Co., NY I44884
14 Townsend Charles J.  14 May 1884Torrey, Yates Co., NY I53390


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beard / Wagner  05 Mar 1889Torrey, Yates Co., NY F24058
2 Elting / Brown  25 Jul 1877Torrey, Yates Co., NY F24067
3 Townsend / Castner  13 Jan 1839Torrey, Yates Co., NY F24232