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Redgrave, Suffolk, England



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JASPER Ann  28 Sep 1577Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34034
2 JASPER Daniel  23 Apr 1592Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34110
3 JASPER Elizabeth  08 Oct 1578Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34057
4 JASPER Henry  26 May 1581Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34085
5 JASPER Jeremiah  02 Nov 1588Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34058
6 JASPER John  Abt 11 Feb 1592Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34069
7 JASPER Lancelot  Jul 1549Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34032
8 JASPER Nathaniel  24 May 1590Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34063
9 JASPER Rachel  05 Aug 1583Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34079
10 JASPER Samuel  Abt 02 Feb 1584Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34033
11 JASPER William  Abt 06 Feb 1573Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34019
12 MORSE Abigail  1611Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34039
13 MORSE Daniel  1613Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34071
14 MORSE Elizabeth  Abt 06 Mar 1605Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34038
15 MORSE Jeremiah  1609Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34023
16 MORSE John  Abt 18 Feb 1607Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34044
17 MORSE Joseph  Abt 1586Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34118
18 MORSE Joseph Increase  02 May 1615Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34083
19 MORSE Thomas  1603Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34065
20 SHEPARD Alice  1554Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34135
21 SHEPARD Anne  1539Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34138
22 SHEPARD Catherine  1545Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34140
23 SHEPARD Edmund  23 Jul 1551Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34130
24 SHEPARD Elizabeth  Abt 1554Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34136
25 SHEPARD Ellen  Abt 1509Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34152
26 SHEPARD Henry  31 Mar 1560Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34134
27 SHEPARD John  1501Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34151
28 SHEPARD Margaret  1507Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34144
29 SHEPARD Margaret  1537Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34132
30 SHEPARD Olive  Abt 1555Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34133
31 SHEPARD Richard  25 Nov 1542Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34139
32 SHEPARD Robert  1535Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34137
33 SHEPARD Thomas  Abt 1503Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34145
34 SHEPARD Thomas  1533Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34128


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 JASPER Henry  Abt 27 Jan 1640Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34085
2 KNIGHT Anne  25 Jul 1798Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34129
3 SHEPARD John  Jun 1529Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34151
4 SHEPARD Thomas  Abt 18 Mar 1588Redgrave, Suffolk, England I34128


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 JASPER / EDWARDS  21 Sep 1607Redgrave, Suffolk, England F17732
2 JASPER / SHEPARD  10 Dec 1574Redgrave, Suffolk, England F17713
3 MORSE / JASPER  29 Jun 1602Redgrave, Suffolk, England F17703
4 MORSE / JASPER  29 Oct 1605Redgrave, Suffolk, England F17714
5 SHEPARD / BURCHET  Abt 1530Redgrave, Suffolk, England F17746
6 SHEPARD / KNIGHT  26 Sep 1588Redgrave, Suffolk, England F17745