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Newbury, Essex Co., MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hannah,  Abt 1721Newbury, Essex Co., MA I95
2 ADAMS Henry  Newbury, Essex Co., MA I299
3 BAMFORD Abba M.  28 Oct 1847Newbury, Essex Co., MA I574
4 BAMFORD James William  20 Nov 1811Newbury, Essex Co., MA I580
5 BAMFORD Lydia M.  28 Mar 1850Newbury, Essex Co., MA I584
6 BAMFORD Mary M.  28 Mar 1850Newbury, Essex Co., MA I585
7 BROWN Elizabeth  08 Nov 1728Newbury, Essex Co., MA I1531
8 BROWN Moses  20 Oct 1723Newbury, Essex Co., MA I1598
9 CLIFFORD Elizabeth  1693Newbury, Essex Co., MA I2017
10 EMERY Moody  1769Newbury, Essex Co., MA I2675
11 HOLT Elizabeth  30 Mar 1632Newbury, Essex Co., MA I38186
12 LONG Mary  Abt 24 Feb 1646Newbury, Essex Co., MA I5223
13 LONGFELLOW Sarah  Abt 15 Jan 1720Newbury, Essex Co., MA I5230
14 PULSIFER Abel Woodman  12 Sep 1802Newbury, Essex Co., MA I6751
15 PULSIFER Alice Hale  11 May 1849Newbury, Essex Co., MA I6789
16 PULSIFER Americus Vespucius  15 Nov 1804Newbury, Essex Co., MA I6800
17 PULSIFER Arthur Gilmore Wellington  15 Nov 1814Newbury, Essex Co., MA I6843
18 PULSIFER Christopher Columbus  27 Jun 1810Newbury, Essex Co., MA I6971
19 PULSIFER Ezekiel (Jr.)  25 Oct 1846Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7214
20 PULSIFER Francis James Jackson  02 Jul 1812Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7243
21 PULSIFER Hannah Dustin  02 Jul 1801Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7329
22 PULSIFER Hannah Eliza  17 Aug 1806Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7330
23 PULSIFER John Cleveland  15 Jul 1838Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7472
24 PULSIFER John Perkins  25 Jul 1808Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7483
25 PULSIFER Susan  18 Nov 1837Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7956
26 SILLOWAY Caroline  02 Aug 1807Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8675
27 SILLOWAY Daniel  16 May 1688Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8686
28 SILLOWAY Daniel  09 Sep 1690Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8687
29 SILLOWAY Daniel  26 Dec 1762Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8689
30 SILLOWAY Jacob  23 Jan 1801Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8732
31 SILLOWAY Joanna  Feb 1753Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8738
32 SILLOWAY John  25 Dec 1757Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8749
33 SILLOWAY Mary  16 Jul 1755Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8785
34 SILLOWAY Rebecca  25 Aug 1802Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8792
35 VENNEN Hannah  10 Dec 1760Newbury, Essex Co., MA I9847
36 WOODWELL Abigail  28 May 1754Newbury, Essex Co., MA I10235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CLIFFORD Isaac  02 May 1694Newbury, Essex Co., MA I2018
2 HARRIS Samuel  Bef 1824Newbury, Essex Co., MA I3790
3 PULSIFER Hannah Dustin  02 Nov 1801Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7329
4 PULSIFER Hannah Eliza  06 Sep 1814Newbury, Essex Co., MA I7330
5 SILLOWAY Daniel  16 May 1688Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8686
6 SILLOWAY Daniel  Abt 18 Jan 1713Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8685
7 SILLOWAY Jacob  16 Sep 1801Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8732
8 SILLOWAY Joanna  Feb 1753Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8738
9 SILLOWAY John  31 Mar 1741Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8746
10 SILLOWAY Joseph Lunt  20 Mar 1880Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8759
11 SILLOWAY Mary  12 Oct 1756Newbury, Essex Co., MA I8785


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / PULSIFER  30 Nov 1786Newbury, Essex Co., MA F299
2 CLIFFORD / Pulsifer.  13 Aug 1693Newbury, Essex Co., MA F2018
3 COFFRIN /   Abt 1748Newbury, Essex Co., MA F2036
4 FLOYD / PULSIFER  07 Jan 1833Newbury, Essex Co., MA F2909
5 HARRIS / SMITH  04 Sep 1800Newbury, Essex Co., MA F3790
6 PULSIFER / WOODMAN  07 Sep 1800Newbury, Essex Co., MA F7456
7 SILLOWAY / LONG  07 Sep 1687Newbury, Essex Co., MA F8685
8 SILLOWAY / LUNT  14 Nov 1788Newbury, Essex Co., MA F8689
9 SILLOWAY / THURLA  12 Apr 1714Newbury, Essex Co., MA F10495
10 SILLOWAY / THURLA  12 Apr 1752Newbury, Essex Co., MA F8688