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Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (III) Nathaniel Pulsifer  20 Feb 1803Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I245
2 (Jr.) Epes Proctor Pulsifer  Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I247
3 (Jr.) Ephraim Pulsifer  04 Jun 1790Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I248
4 (Jr.) Nathaniel Pulsifer  15 May 1778Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I249
5 (Jr.) Thomas Pulsifer  Abt 28 Feb 1733Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I250
6 LITTLE Samuel  1769Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I5202
7 PULSIFER Abigail  11 Apr 1736Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6753
8 PULSIFER Abigail  Abt 20 Feb 1740Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6754
9 PULSIFER Abigail  24 Aug 1745Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6760
10 PULSIFER Abigail  08 Dec 1770Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6759
11 PULSIFER Addison Plummer  25 Dec 1812Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6764
12 PULSIFER Adeline  Dec 1831Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6767
13 PULSIFER Benjamin  26 Mar 1743Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6874
14 PULSIFER Benjamin  29 Dec 1758Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6875
15 PULSIFER Betsey  25 Aug 1776Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6894
16 PULSIFER Betsy  27 Jun 1784Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6899
17 PULSIFER Child  1769Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6966
18 PULSIFER Daniel  14 May 1773Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6997
19 PULSIFER Daniel  1797Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6999
20 PULSIFER David  Abt 09 Jan 1700Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7018
21 PULSIFER David  29 Sep 1731Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7009
22 PULSIFER David Jr.  Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7038
23 PULSIFER Deborah  13 Oct 1771Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7047
24 PULSIFER Ebenezer  20 Jul 1695Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7074
25 PULSIFER Ebenezer  Abt 30 Jan 1723Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7082
26 PULSIFER Ebenezer  29 Aug 1751Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7089
27 PULSIFER Ebenezer  25 Aug 1753Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7075
28 PULSIFER Edmond  Abt 10 Mar 1727Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7100
29 PULSIFER Edmund  16 Mar 1755Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7102
30 PULSIFER Elizabeth  20 Jun 1730Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7151
31 PULSIFER Elizabeth  03 Aug 1761Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7152
32 PULSIFER Elizabeth  29 Sep 1831Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7143
33 PULSIFER Elizabeth Warren  01 Oct 1816Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7161
34 PULSIFER Emily  10 Apr 1809Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7182
35 PULSIFER Epes Proctor  30 Dec 1785Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7190
36 PULSIFER Ephraim  Jul 1766Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7191
37 PULSIFER Ezekiel  05 Sep 1756Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7212
38 PULSIFER Ezekiel  03 Aug 1757Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7211
39 PULSIFER George  24 Oct 1826Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7277
40 PULSIFER Georgia Ann  13 May 1842Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7292
41 PULSIFER Hannah  28 Aug 1732Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7328
42 PULSIFER Hannah  31 Mar 1738Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7327
43 PULSIFER Hannah  02 Feb 1769Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7310
44 PULSIFER Hannah  25 Mar 1790Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7316
45 PULSIFER Huldah  Abt Mar 1731Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7372
46 PULSIFER Huldah  Apr 1734Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7373
47 PULSIFER Infant  1799Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7383
48 PULSIFER Isaac  06 Jul 1783Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7392
49 PULSIFER Isaac Proctor  11 Oct 1816Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7395
50 PULSIFER Jabez Hunter  11 Aug 1764Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7400
51 PULSIFER Jacob Haskell  01 Oct 1765Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7402
52 PULSIFER Jebez Hunter  08 Dec 1759Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7413
53 PULSIFER Jemima  03 Jun 1770Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7416
54 PULSIFER Jemima  04 Mar 1776Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7419
55 PULSIFER Joanna  17 Oct 1688Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7430
56 PULSIFER John  17 Nov 1685Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7462
57 PULSIFER John  29 Jul 1722Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7463
58 PULSIFER John  09 Jun 1747Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7459
59 PULSIFER John  12 Sep 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7460
60 PULSIFER John Andrews  18 Aug 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7469
61 PULSIFER John Andrews  17 Dec 1818Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7470
62 PULSIFER Jonathan  30 Jul 1704Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7493
63 PULSIFER Jonathan  15 Oct 1732Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7497
64 PULSIFER Jonathan  Jan 1765Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7494
65 PULSIFER Joseph  12 Jul 1740Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7504
66 PULSIFER Judith  18 Dec 1767Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7541
67 PULSIFER Leonora  01 Mar 1823Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7581
68 PULSIFER Lucy  11 May 1772Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7617
69 PULSIFER Lucy  15 Nov 1801Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7618
70 PULSIFER Lucy Quincy  04 Mar 1828Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7621
71 PULSIFER Lydia Ann  22 May 1822Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7624
72 PULSIFER Martha  20 Jun 1724Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7656
73 PULSIFER Martha  03 Aug 1772Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7657
74 PULSIFER Mary  08 Apr 1691Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7691
75 PULSIFER Mary  27 Apr 1697Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7692
76 PULSIFER Mary  25 Sep 1727Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7693
77 PULSIFER Mary  02 Dec 1751Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7668
78 PULSIFER Mary  23 Aug 1763Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7680
79 PULSIFER Mary  27 Jul 1774Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7679
80 PULSIFER Mary Ann  23 Nov 1820Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7699
81 PULSIFER Mary Ann  03 Jun 1831Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7700
82 PULSIFER Mary Elizabeth  28 Feb 1817Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7706
83 PULSIFER Mary Lord  15 Apr 1801Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7719
84 PULSIFER Miriam  11 Sep 1762Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7736
85 PULSIFER Moses  15 Nov 1801Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7741
86 PULSIFER Nancy  22 Apr 1828Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7748
87 PULSIFER Nathaniel  29 May 1736Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7754
88 PULSIFER Peter Coffin  08 Jul 1807Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7796
89 PULSIFER Polly  21 Nov 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7806
90 PULSIFER Rachel  10 Jul 1774Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7807
91 PULSIFER Rachel  11 Jul 1779Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7808
92 PULSIFER Samuel  07 Jul 1734Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7879
93 PULSIFER Samuel  03 Aug 1740Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7888
94 PULSIFER Samuel  07 Apr 1781Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7889
95 PULSIFER Samuel  20 Feb 1820Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7890
96 PULSIFER Samuel Day  03 Aug 1761Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7891
97 PULSIFER Sarah  02 Sep 1727Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7900
98 PULSIFER Sarah  15 Nov 1736Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7915
99 PULSIFER Sarah  03 Sep 1749Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7905
100 PULSIFER Sarah  24 Aug 1755Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7906
101 PULSIFER Sarah  20 Oct 1767Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7901
102 PULSIFER Sarah  1770Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7902
103 PULSIFER Sarah  14 Apr 1825Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7912
104 PULSIFER Sarah Chase  10 Feb 1835Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7921
105 PULSIFER Sarah Lowe  05 Mar 1805Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7928
106 PULSIFER Stephen  30 Mar 1726Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7950
107 PULSIFER Stephen  03 Sep 1757Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7952
108 PULSIFER Susan Ann  30 Aug 1818Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7957
109 PULSIFER Susan Davis  27 Aug 1819Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7958
110 PULSIFER Susan Warren  17 Oct 1822Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7960
111 PULSIFER Susanna  May 1768Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7965
112 PULSIFER Susannah  15 Dec 1730Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7967
113 PULSIFER Thomas  Abt 10 Feb 1692Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7977
114 PULSIFER Thomas Lufkin  19 May 1805Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7983
115 PULSIFER Thomas William  27 Nov 1829Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7989
116 PULSIFER William  16 Apr 1792Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8039
117 PULSIFER William  25 Apr 1802Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8038
118 PULSIFER William  04 Dec 1821Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8041
119 PULSIFER William Hunter  19 Jun 1767Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8061
120 PULSIFER William Woodward  22 Aug 1824Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8068
121 RUST Polly  01 Sep 1769Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8345
122 STOVER Joseph  Abt 1699Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I37906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 (Jr.) Thomas Pulsifer  22 Jan 1793Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I250
2 ADAMS Lucy  14 Nov 1807Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I301
3 DAY Mary  Dec 1763Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I2285
4 DUNNELS Elizabeth  1846Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I2550
5 GROVER Sarah  26 May 1728Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I3611
6 KENT Joanna  Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I4513
7 MAXWELL Mary  12 May 1773Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I5473
8 PROCTOR Abigail  25 Dec 1788Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6732
9 PULSIFER Addison Plummer  02 Nov 1817Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6764
10 PULSIFER Adeline  Apr 1833Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6767
11 PULSIFER Betsey  04 Oct 1825Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I6894
12 PULSIFER David  Jun 1791Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7018
13 PULSIFER Ebenezer  Abt 1752Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7089
14 PULSIFER Edmond  May 1804Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7100
15 PULSIFER Ezekiel  1756Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7212
16 PULSIFER Georgia Ann  16 May 1843Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7292
17 PULSIFER Hannah  23 Dec 1736Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7328
18 PULSIFER Infant  1799Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7383
19 PULSIFER Isaac  Jan 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7392
20 PULSIFER Isaac Proctor  04 Aug 1841Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7395
21 PULSIFER Jacob Haskell  02 Nov 1847Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7402
22 PULSIFER Jemima  04 Mar 1776Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7419
23 PULSIFER John  1707Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7462
24 PULSIFER John  27 Aug 1737Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7435
25 PULSIFER Lydia Ann  10 May 1835Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7624
26 PULSIFER Martha  15 Jun 1777Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7657
27 PULSIFER Mary  Bef 1697Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7691
28 PULSIFER Mary  1771Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7668
29 PULSIFER Mary Ann  23 Mar 1829Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7699
30 PULSIFER Mary Ann  18 Dec 1833Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7700
31 PULSIFER Nathaniel  27 Nov 1832Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7754
32 PULSIFER Rachel  06 Jul 1775Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7807
33 PULSIFER Sarah  Abt 1750Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7905
34 PULSIFER Susan Ann  10 Apr 1819Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7957
35 PULSIFER Thomas  24 Sep 1778Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I7977
36 SAWYER Jemima  04 Mar 1776Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I8404
37 WOODWARD Hannah  23 Sep 1778Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. I10230


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 (Jr.) / ALLEN  07 Sep 1777Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F250
2 (Jr.) / HASKELL  24 Aug 1834Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F247
3 (Jr.) / ROWE  29 Aug 1799Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F249
4 (Jr.) / SAWYER  02 Jan 1771Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10311
5 CHICKERING / PULSIFER  30 Aug 1829Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F1973
6 CURRIER / PULSIFER  01 Jun 1800Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F2205
7 HASKELL / PULSIFER  22 Nov 1846Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10378
8 MOORE / PULSIFER  16 Feb 1794Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F5788
9 MORGAN / PULSIFER  01 Dec 1747Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F5801
10 PULSIFER / ADAMS  03 Sep 1800Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7402
11 PULSIFER / ANDREWS  19 May 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F8061
12 PULSIFER / BRAY  23 Apr 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7400
13 PULSIFER / DAVIS  15 Mar 1815Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F8039
14 PULSIFER / DAY  Abt 10 Jan 1750Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10455
15 PULSIFER / DAY  08 May 1814Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7469
16 PULSIFER / DIAL  09 Dec 1792Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7754
17 PULSIFER / ELWELL  01 Dec 1831Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F8038
18 PULSIFER / FELLOWS  18 Jan 1829Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7983
19 PULSIFER / GILBERT  15 Jul 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7191
20 PULSIFER / GROVER  Abt 06 Jan 1725Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10479
21 PULSIFER / HADLEY  11 Dec 1729Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7493
22 PULSIFER / HARRIS  08 Oct 1767Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7504
23 PULSIFER / HUNTER  Abt 28 Feb 1744Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7463
24 PULSIFER / KENT  31 Dec 1684Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7435
25 PULSIFER / LUFKIN  12 Sep 1811Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10457
26 PULSIFER / PULSIFER  04 Feb 1762Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7009
27 PULSIFER / PULSIFER  04 Feb 1762Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7038
28 PULSIFER / RUST  30 Aug 1789Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7494
29 PULSIFER / RUST  01 May 1796Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F6997
30 PULSIFER / SILLEY  Abt 11 Feb 1719Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7074
31 PULSIFER / WHITE  28 Mar 1801Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7889
32 PULSIFER / WOODWARD  29 Oct 1730Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F7977
33 TARR / PULSIFER  12 Feb 1835Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F9427
34 TARR / PULSIFER  16 Nov 1838Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F9426
35 WITHAM / PULSIFER  30 Jul 1842Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10190
36 WORDLY / PULSIFER  05 Feb 1785Gloucester, Essex Co., Mass. F10239