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Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN Laura Keep  16 Jan 1841Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33659
2 CUSHMAN Alfred Brown  28 Aug 1869Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33692
3 CUSHMAN Alice Burrington  03 Oct 1903Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33721
4 CUSHMAN Arthur Isaac  22 Jan 1852Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33634
5 CUSHMAN Charlotte Nellie  30 Jun 1879Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33604
6 CUSHMAN Ellen Sophia  08 Apr 1848Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33714
7 CUSHMAN Emma Laura  03 Apr 1867Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33711
8 CUSHMAN Henry Clay  20 Aug 1836Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33725
9 CUSHMAN Hope Elizabeth  14 Feb 1862Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33632
10 CUSHMAN Isaac  12 Sep 1790Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33698
11 CUSHMAN Isaac Erasmus  11 Jul 1818Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33726
12 CUSHMAN Lucy Brown  13 Dec 1871Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33696
13 CUSHMAN Polycarpus Loring  08 Nov 1822Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33641
14 CUSHMAN Ralph  22 Feb 1783Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33679
15 CUSHMAN Ralph Henry  30 Sep 1864Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33628
16 CUSHMAN Simeon  13 Oct 1780Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33615
17 DICKINSON Bethan Henman  16 Jun 1782Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33587
18 FIELD Barnard Warren  05 Sep 1808Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33612
19 FIELD Decima  23 Apr 1762Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33786
20 FIELD Maria  Abt 1753Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33749
21 FIELD Olive  1756Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33751
22 FIELD Tartia  19 Apr 1785Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33597
23 HALE Alma Ophelia  16 Sep 1834Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31195
24 HALE Elizabeth Clarebel  01 Apr 1874Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31106
25 ROOT Elizabeth M  20 May 1866Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31379
26 ROOT Frank O  23 Aug 1859Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31287
27 ROOT Henry O  30 Jun 1830Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31047
28 ROOT Warren Henry  09 Aug 1870Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31434
29 SHELDON Mary  22 Mar 1792Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33730
30 SHELDON Reuben  1749Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33756


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN Laura Keep  18 Jun 1919Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33659
2 CUSHMAN Agnes Jean  Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33664
3 CUSHMAN Polycarpus  15 Dec 1797Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33699
4 CUSHMAN Polycarpus Loring  16 May 1855Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33610
5 CUSHMAN Ralph  22 Feb 1863Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33679
6 CUSHMAN Seorim  17 Feb 1875Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33690
7 CUSHMAN Simeon  09 Jul 1824Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33615
8 DICKINSON Bethan Henman  26 Mar 1853Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33587
9 DICKINSON Obadiah  13 Oct 1897Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33595
10 FIELD Aaron  17 Mar 1800Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33151
11 FIELD Rachel  01 Sep 1812Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33600
12 FRARY Eunice  28 Oct 1813Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33150
13 PEMBER John Edward Ross  Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33671
14 ROOT Elizabeth M  20 Sep 1866Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I31379
15 ROOT Sally  24 Jun 1834Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA I33732


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EDWARDS / BANGS  28 Jan 1823Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA F16675
2 GUILLOW / WADKINS  1800Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA F25544
3 HOLTON / ROOT  22 Feb 1860Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA F16731
4 KING / BANGS  09 Feb 1825Bernardston, Franklin Co., MA F16630