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Turin, Lewis Co., NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRAND Garrit V D  15 Jan 1835Turin, Lewis Co., NY I19911
2 BUSH Bennett Benedict  19 Jan 1813Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16670
3 BUSH Horace Charles  04 Jul 1806Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16764
4 BUSH Jane  20 Jul 1804Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16612
5 BUSH Julia  29 Jul 1802Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16782
6 BUSH Lucretia  27 Jun 1808Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16828
7 BUSH Oliver Ela  22 Mar 1811Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16757
8 CADWELL Frances  1830Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16803
9 CADWELL Oliver Bush  08 Oct 1834Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16695
10 CADWELL Oliver Bush  11 Apr 1843Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16637
11 CADWELL Sarah Amanda  17 Feb 1832Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16627
12 DEWEY Susan Maria  23 Mar 1832Turin, Lewis Co., NY I19881
13 FOWLER Earl Bill  Abt 1802Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16846
14 HEALD Janet  Abt 1813Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16720
15 HOUSE Anna  Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16259
16 INGERSOLL Chandler Lambert  1808Turin, Lewis Co., NY I18757
17 INGERSOLL James  1813Turin, Lewis Co., NY I18795
18 INGERSOLL Roland  30 Nov 1810Turin, Lewis Co., NY I18852
19 MOTT Alma Abigail  Abt 1808Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16641
20 RAGAN Henrietta  23 Apr 1838Turin, Lewis Co., NY I22203
21 RAGAN Luara Ann  21 Apr 1835Turin, Lewis Co., NY I22204
22 YALE Amelia Dema  08 May 1838Turin, Lewis Co., NY I19698
23 YALE Jennie Melinda  24 Nov 1842Turin, Lewis Co., NY I19845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BUSH Amos  1827Turin, Lewis Co., NY I18395
2 BUSH Julia  14 Apr 1843Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16782
3 BUSH Oliver  09 Apr 1844Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16863
4 DEWEY Chester  23 May 1844Turin, Lewis Co., NY I19635
5 DEWEY Electa  08 Feb 1849Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16845
6 DEWEY Lester  21 Apr 1831Turin, Lewis Co., NY I19696
7 GRISWOLD George  15 Jan 1832Turin, Lewis Co., NY I18683
8 INGERSOLL Eunice  18 Nov 1836Turin, Lewis Co., NY I18818
9 KIRKLAND Greg  22 Apr 1867Turin, Lewis Co., NY I40973
10 POMEROY Eleanor  06 Nov 1823Turin, Lewis Co., NY I16768
11 RAGAN Henrietta  23 Sep 1885Turin, Lewis Co., NY I22203
12 RAGAN Henry  24 Feb 1865Turin, Lewis Co., NY I22202
13 ROCKWELL Happylonia  22 Jul 1843Turin, Lewis Co., NY I22201
14 ROCKWELL Jane  23 Jul 1843Turin, Lewis Co., NY I22216


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 CADWELL / BUSH  07 Jan 1827Turin, Lewis Co., NY F11703
2 DEWEY / WETMORE  31 Dec 1810Turin, Lewis Co., NY F12432
3 RAGAN / ROCKWELL  16 Mar 1834Turin, Lewis Co., NY F13171