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Rockingham, Windham Co., VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KENDALL Ella  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4494
2 KENDALL Etta I.  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4495
3 KENDALL Frances Marion  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4496
4 KENDALL Rebecca Anna  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4504
5 KENDALL Warren  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4511
6 PULSIFER Arunnah  09 Oct 1799Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I6845
7 PULSIFER Belena  22 Dec 1818Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I6858
8 PULSIFER Charles Weaver  15 Sep 1808Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I6958
9 PULSIFER Daniel  08 Apr 1801Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I6996
10 PULSIFER David  13 Sep 1776Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7032
11 PULSIFER Elias  20 Jun 1794Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I56398
12 PULSIFER Elias  12 Nov 1805Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7118
13 PULSIFER Elijah  19 May 1791Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7120
14 PULSIFER Elijah  01 Dec 1833Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7121
15 PULSIFER Elizabeth  15 Mar 1816Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7146
16 PULSIFER Elizabeth (Betsy)  29 May 1778Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7154
17 PULSIFER Elizabeth Stoel  05 Mar 1813Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7159
18 PULSIFER Elizabeth Stoell  21 Dec 1779Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7160
19 PULSIFER Fidelia A.  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7221
20 PULSIFER George Henry  09 Sep 1807Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7287
21 PULSIFER Irene  28 Dec 1786Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7386
22 PULSIFER Irene Kendal  27 Dec 1810Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7388
23 PULSIFER John  18 Jun 1782Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7449
24 PULSIFER Josiah Read  24 Jul 1806Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7540
25 PULSIFER Laura  01 Jul 1815Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7560
26 PULSIFER Liveria  01 Feb 1815Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7594
27 PULSIFER Lucy  29 Nov 1784Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7616
28 PULSIFER Martin W.  02 Mar 1842Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7666
29 PULSIFER Mary  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7685
30 PULSIFER Oliver  07 Mar 1774Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7778
31 PULSIFER Orin  06 Apr 1795Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7779
32 PULSIFER Pamela  12 Sep 1824Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7784
33 PULSIFER Patty  05 Sep 1796Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7789
34 PULSIFER Polly  21 Jul 1780Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7804
35 PULSIFER Royal E.  01 Jan 1820Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7855
36 PULSIFER Samuel Wood  13 Jan 1782Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7893
37 PULSIFER Samuel Wood  11 Oct 1817Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7894
38 PULSIFER Sarah Isabelle  1846Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7924
39 PULSIFER Solomon  28 May 1786Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7941
40 PULSIFER Susan Ellen  04 Sep 1839Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7959
41 PULSIFER Sybbel  1784Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7970
42 PULSIFER William Royal  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8066
43 PULSIFER Zerah  24 Jun 1789Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8072
44 SEVERENS Charles W.P.  Mar 1837Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8534
45 SEVERENS Elma May  26 Mar 1844Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8535
46 SEVERENS Jefferson  13 May 1849Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8542
47 SEVERENS Jessie F.  25 Apr 1856Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8543
48 SIMONDS Susannah  01 Jul 1793Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8855
49 TOLLES Alice May  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I9556
50 TOLLES Sarah A.  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I9557
51 WILEY Flora Frances  15 Jun 1875Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10115
52 WILEY George Franklin  02 Jan 1845Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10116
53 WILEY Grace Smart  20 Mar 1878Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10119
54 WILEY Mary J.  18 Feb 1850Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10123


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DAVIS Marshall A.  26 Dec 1913Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I2279
2 KENDALL Betsy  1903Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4490
3 KENDALL Rebecca  02 Feb 1871Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4503
4 KENDALL Thomas  10 Mar 1879Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4509
5 KENDALL Warren  Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4511
6 LANE Rebecca  05 Feb 1847Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I4862
7 PULSIFER Charles Weaver  09 Apr 1888Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I6958
8 PULSIFER David  03 Jul 1832Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7032
9 PULSIFER David  14 Jan 1835Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7031
10 PULSIFER Elijah  02 Feb 1873Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7120
11 PULSIFER Elizabeth  28 Sep 1875Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7146
12 PULSIFER Elizabeth Stoell  24 Feb 1811Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7160
13 PULSIFER Irene  27 May 1810Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7386
14 PULSIFER Irene Kendal  04 Oct 1813Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7388
15 PULSIFER John  04 Jul 1827Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7448
16 PULSIFER Laura  25 May 1887Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7560
17 PULSIFER Lewis  21 Jun 1825Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7588
18 PULSIFER Liveria  28 Aug 1894Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7594
19 PULSIFER Lucy  11 Dec 1830Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7616
20 PULSIFER Martin W.  02 May 1856Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7666
21 PULSIFER Mary  1786Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7675
22 PULSIFER Mary  24 Sep 1821Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7686
23 PULSIFER Patty  19 Feb 1798Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7789
24 PULSIFER Rebecca  09 May 1896Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7817
25 PULSIFER Royal E.  07 May 1881Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I7855
26 PULSIFER William  Sep 1870Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8030
27 PULSIFER Zada  31 Jul 1833Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8071
28 RANDALL Polly  1811Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8110
29 RUSSELL Priscilla  12 Jun 1816Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I8329
30 STOWELL Elizabeth  02 Jul 1786Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I9305
31 WEAVER Daniel  25 Jun 1809Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I9957
32 WEAVER Joanna  03 Jul 1836Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I9958
33 WEAVER Sally  14 Oct 1862Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I9959
34 WHITE Josiah  16 Aug 1803Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10037
35 WILEY Mary J.  09 Jun 1892Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10123
36 WILEY Rodney  28 Mar 1904Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10126
37 WILSON Lucy  29 Mar 1907Rockingham, Windham Co., VT I10175


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARLETT / WILEY  10 Dec 1895Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F603
2 DARBY / PULSIFER  04 Jun 1829Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F2244
3 HOBAN / WILEY  19 Dec 1901Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F4032
4 KENDALL / PULSIFER  08 Dec 1809Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F4489
5 LAWRENCE / WILEY  14 Jun 1899Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F4945
6 PARTRIDGE / BRADISH  30 Sep 1852Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F17322
7 PULSIFER / BANCROFT  03 Sep 1856Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7121
8 PULSIFER / DUTTON  1773Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7448
9 PULSIFER / KENDALL  Bef 1815Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7120
10 PULSIFER / NEWTON  05 Dec 1799Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7032
11 PULSIFER / RANDALL  02 Mar 1809Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7449
12 PULSIFER / REED  20 Jun 1782Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F10452
13 PULSIFER / RUSSELL  15 Oct 1778Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F10451
14 PULSIFER / WEAVER  29 May 1806Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7893
15 PULSIFER / WEAVER  31 Oct 1816Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F7031
16 STUART / WILEY  29 Sep 1886Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F9366
17 WHITE / STOWELL  16 Sep 1779Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F10037
18 WILEY / PULSIFER  29 Mar 1842Rockingham, Windham Co., VT F10126