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Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?  Abt 0232Germany I23707
2 ?  Abt 0238Germany I23701
3 ?  Abt 0268Germany I23502
4 ?  0293Germany I23700
5 Adelindis  Abt 0720Germany I24335
6 Catherine  1837Germany I42255
7 Gisela  Abt 0865Germany I24189
8 Hahn  Germany I54196
9 Isanbard  Abt 0745Germany I24232
10 Bauer Marie  1860Germany I49908
11 BEAUCHAMP Columbus Marion  19 Nov 1857Germany I49468
12 BURGUNDY Bebicca Ruler of The  Abt 0370Germany I23498
13 CARROLL Philip  1775Germany I50252
14 Dagobert Duke of The East FRANKS  Abt 0257Germany I23704
15 Dagobert Duke of The East FRANKS  Abt 0300Germany I23504
16 FINK Paula  1847Germany I56354
17 FRANKS Clodius Duke of The East  Abt 0324Germany I23501
18 Genebald Duke of the East FRANKS  Abt 0277Germany I23697
19 GRAFE Herman Augustus  Abt Nov 1845Germany I57364
20 Harle Catharine  1804Germany I49881
21 Harle Louis  18 Aug 1806Germany I49917
22 Harley David  1840Germany I49836
23 Harley Fredrick  1835Germany I49894
24 Harley Jacobina  1845Germany I49907
25 HENLEY Otelia  1875Germany I32510
26 KALJASPER Sophie  30 Jun 1823Germany I4474
27 KLEIST Amelia  1866Germany I4602
28 KLEIST Carl  28 Oct 1860Germany I4605
29 KLEIST Charley  Apr 1832Germany I4606
30 KRAFT Henry  28 Dec 1866Germany I55365
31 KRAFT Peter  Germany I55367
32 KURTZ Agnes  07 Jun 1889Germany I56874
33 Marcomir Duke of The East FRANKS  Abt 0347Germany I23487
34 Meyers Mary  May 1846Germany I49988
35 of ARGENGAID Guelph I Welf  0745Germany I23037
36 of ARGENGAID Ruthard Count  Abt 0716Germany I23038
37 of GEPIDES Austrisa (Austricuse)  Bef 0494Germany I23398
38 of GERMANY Bela  Abt 0130Germany I24157
39 of ISTRIA Hunfrid Count  Abt 0780Germany I24196
40 of THURGOVIE Guerin Count  Abt 0720Germany I24337
41 Radle John  29 Aug 1890Germany I49825
42 SCHERRAGAU Adalbert II Count of The Thurgau  0825Germany I24199
43 SCHRIBER Sebastian  1825Germany I55369
44 Shearer Adam Sr.  Abt 1821Germany I49897
45 Shearer Mary  Abt 1820Germany I49817
46 THURGAU Adalbert I Count of Rhaetias &  Abt 0800Germany I24201
47 THURGAU Eberhard II Count of The  Abt 0865Germany I24191
48 VONBARM Harriet Greuhler  1877Germany I34783
49 Zenner John Sr.  Feb 1839Germany I49984


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 KRAFT / STACKER  Germany F24970
2 of AUVERGNE /   Germany F13582
3 of FRANKS / of THURINGIA  Abt 0450Germany F13646
4 SCHRIBER / FISCHER  Germany F24971