Hidatsa Songs

Little Shell Singers

Canyon Records
Singing are: Alfred Driver, Sr.; Byron Brady; Delvin Driver, Sr.; Malcolm Wolf; Glen Fox, Jr.
The Contents:
A salute to the Flag, used to open pow-wows or special occasions.

At most celebrations there is usually sung an honoring song, to honor some special personage or leader. This song is sung for American Indian boys serving in the U.S. Navy.

These are the social songs used for dancing at pow-wows; there is variety in these songs and each of the ten is different.
On this record the Little Shell Singers offer Hidatsa songs for a pow-wow or celebration. The Little Shell Singers are the host drum for the Little Shell Celebration held annually at New Town, North Dakota.

The cover photo is of CROW FLIES HIGH, a proud and independent man, who was one of the last traditional Chiefs of the Hidatsa. (The Hidatsa are also known as Gros Ventre – pronounced Gro Vaun.) The last recognized Chief of the Hidatsa was Drags Wold, the son of Crow Flies High.

A group of twenty-five families led by Crow Flies High was known as The Crow Flies High Band. They left the reservation under protest to make their own living in the Fort Buford area, a few miles southwest of present day Williston, North Dakota. Eventually they were forced to return to, and settle in, the Shell Creek District of the Fort Berthold Reservation.

Mr. Steven Bird, age 89 years, is the only living member of the immediate Crow Flies High family. Steven, son of Crow Flies High, resides in New Town, North Dakota, the headquarters of the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara).

...Notes by Gordon Bird

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Flag Song Hidatsa
Grass Dance 1 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 2 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 3 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 4 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 5 Hidatsa
Navy Song Hidatsa
Fast Grass Dance 1 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 6 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 7 Hidatsa
Fast Grass Dance 2 Hidatsa
Grass Dance 8 Hidatsa